MANTICORE (Manticora Anthrophagus Horribilius)
Persian Manticore (Manticora Anthrophagus Horribilius)

At Gibbet FX we provide a wide range of Special FX disciplines and techniques.

  • Casualty & Accident Make-Up FX
  • Creature Design & Sculpture
  • Pre-Production Concept Art
  • Static & Action Props
  • Gore & Prosthetic Make-Up FX
  • Miniature Construction & 3D Model Animation
  • SFX  Storyboarding
  • Digital Matte Painting.

Based in Edinburgh,Gibbet FX has been working in the field of Practical Sculpture and Make-up Effects,Prop Making and Concept Design for over a decade.

Our work to date has been seen in several award-winning feature films,shorts & music videos as well as in theatre and on broadcast TV.

Non-media related commissions in the past have included such things as botanical specimens now on permanent display at the Royal Scottish Botanic Gardens, to sculpts of  life-sized dinosaurs for  the Scottish Sea-bird Centre.

At Gibbet FX we have a flair for projects which require a creative and practical approach,and pride ourselves on a wide spread of skills from model making to prosthetics.

Cal MacDonald ~ SFX Artist, GIBBET FX