MANTICORE (Manticora Anthrophagus Horribilius)
Persian Manticore (Manticora Anthrophagus Horribilius)

Based in Edinburgh,Gibbet FX has been working in the field of Practical Sculpture and Make-up Effects,Prop Making and Concept Design for over a decade.

Our work to date has been seen in several award-winning feature films,shorts & music videos as well as in theatre and on broadcast TV.

Previous clients include : BBC Scotland, BBC 3, STV, The Royal Scottish Botanic Gardens,The Edinburgh Festival Fringe, Scottish National Galleries and The Scottish Sea-bird Centre.

At Gibbet FX we have a flair for projects which require a creative and practical approach,and pride ourselves on a wide spread of skills from model making to prosthetics.

At Gibbet FX we can provide:

  • Casualty & Accident Make-Up FX
  • Creature Design & Sculpture
  • Pre-Production Concept Art
  • Static & Action Props
  • Gore & Prosthetic Make-Up FX
  • Miniature Construction & 3D Model Animation
  • SFX  Storyboarding
  • Digital Matte Painting.

We love our work! So much so,that we also offer training courses for those keen to develop their skills.For more information,visit the COURSES page on this site.For other enquiries/commissions,please feel free to contact us directly.

Cal MacDonald ~ SFX Artist, GIBBET FX