We offer a range of courses from one day intros, two day skills-development blocks & five day workshops to suit your individual requirements and budget.

Worried that you don’t have the skills it takes to do a course? Don’t! Many of our students had limited to no experience before they attended,yet with our guidance were able to create some truly astounding work as our showreel below shows! We are also delighted that several of our students have  gone on to receive placed traineeships in the UK Film Industry after first attending  Gibbet FX courses,with little or no prior experience! Additionally,FUNDING may be available to help cover the cost of training on courses run at Gibbet FX.Either contact us directly or you can follow the FUNDING links at the bottom of this page for more details.

GIFT VOUCHERS AVAILABLE! The perfect present for that friend or relative that has unusual interests. Vouchers are available up to any amount and are redeemable against booking Gibbet FX courses. Contact us directly to discuss your needs!


NEW SFX COURSES & WORKSHOPS FOR AUTUMN 2022 ARE NOW ON SALE!                                           Places limited so first come first served!


1 DAY COURSES  ( Ideal for beginners!)

SFX WORKSHOP: Making Simple Latex Prosthetics

MON 9th January  10.30 – 5.30.   £175.00

MON 6th March 10.30-5.30           £175.00

A one day course covering all the basics required to create simple prosthetic wounds using the slush latex method. Ideal for the beginner or novice wishing to get started in SFX makeup, this course aims to de-mystify the process by using readily available and affordable materials.(Not suitable for those with a latex allergy!)

SFX WORKSHOP: Out-of-Kit Makeup FX

TUE 10th January 10.30 – 5.30.     £175.00

TUE 7th March 10.30-5.30.           £175.00

A one day course which covers bruises, burns and cuts plus other common makeup FX that can be done using a simple makeup palette. This course also serves as an introduction to using Sculptgel, a two-part silicon that can be used to create some astounding 3 dimensional wound FX.


SFX WORKSHOP: Sculpting, Running & Application – Making Silicon Flat-Moulds & Prosthetics

THUR/FRI 30th & 31st March 10.30 -5.30    £350.00

A two day course for those who with to take their prosthetic design skills to the next level. This course focuses on developing sculpting and creating realistic silicon prosthetics suitable for use in film and high-end TV . Or even just for fun!

SFX WORKSHOP: Intro To Creature Design – Creating A Trophy Creature Head

MON/TUE 23rd & 24th January  10.30 – 5.30    £350.00

A two day course which covers the creation of a mini “trophy -style” creature head, from sculpting and casting through to painting and finishing techniques.

SFX WORKSHOP : Making Gruesome Body Parts

THUR/FRI   6th & 7th February 10.30 – 5.30    £350.00

A fun two day course which covers the creation of a variety of amputated body parts. Severed fingers, noses and ears abound in this course which is sure to appeal to the crime fiction or horror fan!

SFX WORKSHOP : Model Making Techniques – Scratchbuilding Killer Robots

THUR/FRI 19th & 2Oth January 10.30 – 5.30    £350.00

A two day course where we delve deep into the junk box and show you how to make incredible sci-fi robots from all that stuff you normally throw away. Recycling has never been so much fun. (WARNING: You may never be able to pass by a charity shop again after this..)

SFX WORKSHOP : Model Making Techniques – Making Fantasy Prop Weapons

THUR/FRI 9th & 10th March 10.30 – 5.30    £350.00

This two day course  covers the basics of building a big old sword or battle axe as wielded by those mythical heros of yore. Yes, they may not be terribly practical in battle unless you have biceps the size of an ox, but they DO look very, very cool.


Current course dates are for 2022. 2023 course dates are yet to be scheduled. If you are interested in any of the 5 day courses, contact us,as new dates may be accommodated on a personal basis.

SFX WORKSHOP: Sculpting & Character Creation – SFX Makeup  & Prosthetics

MON 24th – FRI 28th October 10.30 -5.30     £875.00

This intensive 5 day course covers the creation of form fitting silicon prosthetic appliances to transform the human face into a variety of weird and wonderful characters and creatures including making your very own face cast from which to work.

SFX WORKSHOP: Creature Design – Creating A Concept Maquette

MON 21st -FRI 25th November 10.30 – 5.30    £875.00

This 5 day course focuses on sculpting a “concept maquette”, a physical model that can be used to pitch an idea, photographed in a variety of settings or simply put on your mantle piece to impress your friends. Ever fancied making a dragon or something similar? This is the course for you!

SFX WORKSHOP : Model Making Techniques – Sci-fi & Fantasy Models,Weapons & Props

MON 7th – FRI 11th November 10.30 – 5.30    £875.00

On this 5 day course we delve deeper into the range of techniques used from cosplay to Star Wars to create some fantastically astounding items! Will you make a spaceship? A wearable mechanical hand? An evil knights’ helmet? It’s all up to you! Models & Weapons & Props, oh my!

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The following Funding bodies may, under certain circumstances, be able to provide financial assistance to attend training courses at Gibbet FX. Follow the links below for more details on how to apply and eligibilty criteria.